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28 November 2008 @ 07:10 pm
Hello everyone! And welcome to sweetmoonsong! This is where I, usedtobeyou will post all of my icons. I make icons of classic actors, actresses, and other classic-related people, so if you aren't interested in The Golden Age Of Hollywood and its stars, then you probably don't want to become a member here.

There are a few very simple and easy to follow rules:

1) I would appreicate credit to either sweetmoonsong or usedtobeyou. Thanks! :-)
2) Please do not use textless icons as bases. I work hard to get these the way I want them.
3) Please do not hotlink. And please upload the icons to your own server.
4) If you take any, I'd appreicate it very much if you'd comment and say which ones you took, that way I know what all of you like. :-)
5) All entries will remain open for one week. After that week is up, the post will be Members Only.
6) Enjoy the graphics!

Simply Classics
James Cagney LJ community

Also, affiliate requests will be taken here. Just leave a comment in this post and I will surely add you! :-)