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Sweet Moon Song that wasn't meant for me

Icons by usedtobeyou

icons by usedtobeyou
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About The Community

Hello! You've reached sweetmoonsong, The icon journal of usedtobeyou. This is where I will be posting all of my icons and other graphics. I make icons of classic actors, actresses, and other classic-related people.

The name is from the song "Moon Song" by Annette Hanshaw.

So, have a look around, and please join if you like what you see. :-)

The Rules

There are just a few, very simple rues.
- 1 -
Please credit either sweetmoonsong or usedtobeyou. It's greatly appreicated.

- 2 -
Please do not use textless icons as bases. I work hard to get these the way I want them.

- 3 -
Please do not hotlink. And please upload the icons to your own server.

- 4 -
All entries will remain open for one week. After that week is up, the post will be Members Only. Just to let you all know.

- 5 -
Enjoy the graphics! :-D

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